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Matt Caruso – The Active Growth Investor
Course is produced by matt curaso, who is a former usic participant and professional stock trader. Course teaches users his statergies about risk management, swing trading and position trading. The course that teaches you how to think and act like a pro

Picking random stocks… as you’re gonna be more prepared than ever, so you know when you make your choice, which comes from a solid foundation, giving you more chance of success.

Missing out on big winners… as I’ll teach you how to spot them early, so you can catch the big fish.

Cashing out too soon on a huge market mover… which is probably the worst feeling (after being completely wiped out), knowing that you had a life-changer in your grasp, but you let it slip away.

Feeling clueless… this is one of the top problems amateur traders complain about… they simply don’t know enough, which leaves them feeling like they’re not in control… once you make it through my course, you’ll be able to make decisions for yourself which is the major difference between amateur and pro traders.

Hesitation… is your enemy and it will cause you to miss out on great opportunities and lose money by not acting fast enough to save yourself… I teach you how to spot danger and when to take action at precisely the right moment.

Self-doubt and uncertainty… is a sure sign that you’re not ready for the big table, but the 9 out of 10 people who failed as traders, simply ignored this clear warning signal which was screaming at them, telling them they were under-prepared. I’ll teach you how to spot giant winners and minimize your risk to acceptable levels, but if you ask me... being totally confident in your actions and decision making, is probably the most valuable (certainly underrated) skill that you will walk away from my course with.

Fear and intimidation… is what will prevent you from being a successful trader. Algorithms are a huge part of the trading world, and they know all the moves an amateur trader is likely to make… it’s pretty easy to program, and as they know the signals which will scare an amateur away from a stock they hold or prevent them from buying a potentially massive winner… then all the algo needs to do is stir up the market to stimulate the signals which shake off the unwitting novice investor. Once you learn my system, you’ll never have to worry about that again, in fact, I turn the tide and use these mega funds to lead you to potential winners like following a big trail of breadcrumbs.

Getting wiped out by giant losses… we’re all scared of this one, right? I mean, it’s the worst thing that can possibly happen to an investor. I’ll teach you my risk management strategy that has kept me safe for years, which I developed while working for National Bank of Canada as a trader… and a bank doesn’t have $250bn of assets without knowing how to minimize risk.

Stress and sleepless nights… from overthinking every possible thing that could go wrong for 16/hrs per day… I’ll even teach you how I manage to balance my work and life which keeps my mind in the best shape, which is an essential part of the routine.

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